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Such Sweet Thunder Music


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Xanadu is named after the palace of Kublai Khan, which then became the stand-in for Hearst’s castle, San Simeon, in Orson Welles’ classic movie, Citizen Kane. The idea for the flute/bass top and bottom duet came from Thad Jones’ Mutt ‘n’ Jeff that he wrote for Count Basie. Xanadu is a contrafact on the changes of Bob Haggart’s What’s New. The flute and bass play the unison melody and then solo followed by a chorus of ensemble that employs some 12-tone technique, but always in the service of swing and tunefulness. The high F in the trumpet at the climax is approached stepwise. There is a fair amount of independence of parts, unusual instrumental groupings, and angular lines, which make this a grade 6. This chart will need rehearsal, but well worth it. It’s been in our book for 49 years and the cats still dig playing it.


5433 Flute double on 1st Alto


Style: Medium Swing

Solos: flute, bass

Grade: 6

Hear this arrangement:

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