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Windows On The World: Complete Suite (5 parts)

Such Sweet Thunder Music

Windows On The World: Complete Suite (5 parts)

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Windows On The World is a 5-part suite about the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. The title refers to both the restaurant on top of one of the towers and our view of world politics.

This product includes all 5 parts together at a bundle discount.  Each part can also be purchased individually.  Click on the links below to hear each part and see more details about each, or to buy any of the parts individually.

WW1: Windows On The World is a classy blues that describes the grandeur and New York sophistication of the twin towers. The twin New York musical giants (George Gershwin and Duke Ellington) are invoked. Solos by trumpet, tenor and alto sax with a few short comments from the bass are subordinate to the ensemble which has the other tenor doubling on clarinet lead. There is some high plunger trombone and a C# in the first trumpet. Grade 5.

WW2: Jihad (The Price Of Oil) turns the WW motif into an exotic, provocative Arabic groove with flute, clarinet and bass clarinet carrying the melody. Solos are trombone and piano. There are no range or technical difficulties, but the complex meter and reed doubles make it a Grade 5.

WW3: Wanted DOA (Osama, Yo Mama) is a long form uptempo blues with alto and trumpet solos. Lead trumpet has an F#, plus the counterpoint and 7/4 meter (4/4 + 3/4) in one section make this a grade 6.

WW4: Heroes is a vocal over a gospel waltz with a bari solo. Trumpet goes up to a high F. Other than the lead trumpet range, not particularly difficult. Grade 5.

WW5: Prayer For Peace is basically a short flugelhorn feature with a bit from the piano and lead alto. First trumpet only goes to Bb. Nothing particularly difficult here. Grade 4.

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