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Streamlined Sibelius

Such Sweet Thunder Music

Streamlined Sibelius

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What do Wynton Marsalis, Quincy Jones, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Phil Collins, and Kathleen Battle have in common? David Berger has arranged music for all of them, and they all appreciated a clean set of parts.

Life as a composer and arranger can be a lot easier with Sibelius®, but only if you really know how to use it. Whether you are a beginning composition student, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, Streamlined Sibelius® will give you the tools you need to walk into a reading session, rehearsal, recording session, or concert hall with confidence. Not only will you be equipped to prepare scores and parts from scratch that impress, and make your performers’ jobs easier, but with the help of our templates, free with the purchase of Streamlined Sibelius®, you will have a leg up—ensuring that your music sounds just the way you imagined it.

From The Authors

When you pass out parts to a band filled with players such as Clark Terry, Phil Woods, Kenny Washington and the like, you want to be sure the parts are accurate, professional-looking, and easy to read perfectly...the first time. When I had opportunities as a young composer and arranger to work with and learn from Thad Jones, Manny Albam, Rayburn Wright, Al Cohn, and Ralph Burns, we could only have dreamed about the luxury of using Avid Technology’s Sibelius® music notation software. Well, that dream is now very much a reality, and I know that Streamlined Sibelius® will help you make the most of it.

David Berger
Composer – Arranger – Educator
Conductor and Arranger for Jazz At Lincoln Center, 1988-1994


I can’t remember a time in my musical life when Sibelius® wasn’t important to me. It took me many years to acquire and refine a level of skill that allows me to consistently turn out top-notch, professional-level scores and parts. As a composer, performer, and bandleader in New York City and previously during my student years, I have relied on Sibelius® to allow me to efficiently complete numerous projects as a composer, arranger, transcriber, copyist, and engraver. I only wish that our book, Streamlined Sibelius®, had been available to me as I was getting started.

Marc Schwartz
Saxophonist – Arranger
M.M., B.M., Eastman School of Music

What this book offers is not only knowledge about Sibelius®, but a systematic method to get to your end result much more quickly. After a few tries, the process moves so speedily that you will be surprised how much time you save in producing stage-ready parts. I am speaking from experience—this process saves me a ton of time when making parts myself.

Christian Dancy
Guitarist – Composer – Arranger – Educator
M.F.A. Music Composition Vermont College of Fine Arts
B.A. Jazz Studies/Guitar Westfield State University

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