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CJCA2 Accompanying Files

Scores for Download 

Portrait Scores with Concert Reductions

Chapter 1: A Perfect Day (lead sheet only, see in book)

Chapter 2: A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Chapter 3: All At Sea

Chapter 4: All By Myself

Chapter 5: I Was So Young

Chapter 6: No Sign Of You

Chapter 7: The Opposite End Of The Bar

Chapter 8: Smiles

Chapter 9: Those Lips, Those Eyes

These original scores, together with performance parts, are available here.


Recorded Musical Examples

(All recorded musical examples are hosted on our YouTube playlist. Clicking the  following links will redirect to YouTube in a new window)

Chapter 1: A Perfect Day

1-1: Complete Arrangement 

Chapter 2: A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

2-1: Complete Arrangement

2-2: (A-E)

2-3: (E-I)

2-4: (A-I) 

Chapter 3: All At Sea

3-1: Complete Arrangement

3-2: (A-E)

3-3: (A-I) 

Chapter 4: All By Myself

4-1: Complete Arrangement

4-2: (F-J)

4-3: (A-F)

Chapter 5: I Was So Young

5-1: Complete Arrangement

Chapter 6: No Sign Of You

6-1: Complete Arrangement

6-2: (A-G)

6-3: (A-M)

Chapter 7: The Opposite End Of The Bar

7-1: Complete Arrangement

7-2: (A-G)

Chapter 8: Smiles

8-1: Complete Arrangement

8-2: (A-E)

8-3: (A-I)

Chapter 9: Those Lips, Those Eyes

9-1: Complete Arrangement

9-2: (A-D)

9-3: (D-G)