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Fancy Footwork: The Art of the Saxophone Soli

Such Sweet Thunder Music

Fancy Footwork: The Art of the Saxophone Soli

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There’s nothing better for unifying a sax section than studying and refining a well-crafted saxophone soli. Unfortunately, many of the best examples from the literature (think Super Sax and Thad Jones) are so technically challenging that even the most serious of student groups can find them intimidating, discouraging, impossible! David’s new collection offers a wonderful alternative. Extracted from his extensive collection of compositions and arrangements, these solis cover a wide range of styles, tempos and levels of difficulty. There’s very little “editing” here. Sax sections will be required to “shape” the music according to the unique personality and experience of the individual players. Inner voices are well crafted, lie well on the horn, and generally come off as melodically as the lead lines they support. I only wish I’d had this set years ago. My students would have been all over them!
Stutz Wimmer - High School Jazz Band Director Emeritus - The Lovett School  


PDF File Includes:
  • Saxophone Parts (Reed 1-5)
  • Transposed Scores


**This book does not require the saxophonist to have a full saxophone section at their disposal. Below, we have supplied you with recordings to play along with. Practice your reading, phrasing, and technique along with the David Berger Jazz Orchestra. 



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