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Video Post: Arranging Mini-lesson #1 - Trumpet Misconceptions

David Berger Arranging Tips Video

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    TIANMEI-(45cm) Bling bling bling! Shimmering Champagne Santa sparkles and shines in the sunlight as he waves to you to celebrate the season with him.
    His golden clothing, gold and silver bells, silver boots, and gold and silver lace bring style wherever he goes.
    His toy bag is full of gold ribbons, gold and silver bells, silver flowers, and a taupe gift wrapped in gold ribbons, and the other hand carries the child’s dream gift, delivered to you. Full of happiness!
    His brilliant gold cape has white faux fur to keep him warm throughout the season…More»

    Noble 45cm Christmas decoration standing Santa Claus in silver Xmas tree Ornaments supplies traditional Holiday Figurine
    santa claus / christmas / ornament

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    TIANMEI-(80cm)Santa Claus will be a fun favorite in your home
    A lovable addition to your home this Christmas.
    This large Santa will make a great addition to your hallway especially with his sparkling LED’sAnd wonderful music decoration。
    Warm White LED’s intertwined into this design, Father Christmas is sure to give your dull space, the subtle Christmas glow it needs.
    Whether it be your windowsill, sideboard, fireplace or next to the tree, this Pre Lit Santa will be sparkling his way into your hearts.
    80cm Animated Christmas Writing Santa with Lights and Music Decorations,Santa will make a great decoration for any household, all he requires is 2x AA Batteries to make his lights twinkle.
    This timeless decoration will go with any Christmas decor you have in your home whether it be Traditional, Rustic or even a Winter Wonderland theme.
    You won’t be able to hide your excitement bringing this decoration down every year…More»

    TIANMEI-80cm Animated Christmas Writing Santa Claus with Lighting Musical Ornament Decoration Traditional Holiday Figurine Collection
    santa claus / christmas / ornament

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    TIANMEI-With this 30~110cm Christmas Standing Santa added to the holiday season, let’s add a touch of magic to your home this winter!Bright, soft to the touch and full of charming style, this Santa Christmas decoration will bring a smile to your face this festive season. A perfect addition to your decorating or as part of a Christmas display, this Santa is at home within the family home or business! Use this striking Santa figure by the fireplace, front entrance to welcome guests or by the tree!
    This stunning and highly detailed Father Christmas statue is styled around the traditional images of Santa with spectacles, a white bushy beard and smiling face!
    Crafted with care and attention to detail from soft, quilted plush material, this Santa also has a bright white faux fur trim! In eye-catching and traditional festive red and white, he is an instantly recognisable figure loved by children and adults alike!…More»

    TIANMEI-30~110cm Christmas Standing Santa Claus with Gift Bag Ornament Decoration Traditional Figurine Collection Xmas series
    santa claus / christmas / ornament

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    Moreover, the same segment is expected to portray the largest CAGR of 3.4% from 2022 to 2031, as it acts as a preservative for the cosmetic products, is allergy-free, and does not cause any side effects. Other segments analyzed in the report are food & beverages and pharmaceuticals.
    Asia-Pacific to maintain its dominance by 2031
    Based on region, Asia-Pacific held the highest market share in terms of revenue in 2021, accounting for more than two-fifths of the global®-()-1-Phenylethanol market. Moreover, the same region is expected to witness the fastest CAGR of 3.4% from 2022 to 2031.
    The presence of high consumer base for personal care & cosmetics and food & beverage industries is the major factor driving the demand for®-()-1-Phenylethanol in the region. Other regions discussed in the report are North America, LAMEA, and Europe.…More»

    Effects of®-()-1-phenethyl alcohol

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    (2S)-2-Heptanol is one of the main volatile compounds in many plants such as Aloe ferox, Raspberry, Amaranthus and also in fruits such as banana and ′Thornless Evergreen′ blackberries.
    (2S)-2-Heptanol alcohol is a volatile compound commonly found in plants of medicinal value. It imparts cocoa flavor to Malaysian cocoa beans during roasting. It is one of the key volatile components found in corn silk and in the essential oil extracted from Aloe ferox.
    is a colorless liquid with a lemon-like odor and a fruity, but somewhat bitter taste. The substance is used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages.…More »

    Knowledge application of (2S)-2-Heptanol

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