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3-Day CD Sale - Oct 17-20

David Berger

Next week: CD sale — 3 days only!

We have quite a lot of music recorded, and if you are missing any of these albums, now is the time to snap them up.  There's a lot of great large-group music in this collection, so grab them for some inspiration or just to check out some new music. 

7 of our 8 albums are available on CD, and we are offering all 7 of them for sale next week, but just for 3 days.

In this era of digital downloads and streaming, why would you want to buy physical copies of these CDs?  Simple - the sound on these CDs these is audiophile quality, which cannot be duplicated in digital downloads or streaming.  This is the closest you can get to hearing these bands play live.

Normally $19.99 each, we are letting them go for $7.99 each, or pick up all 7 for $39.99.  It's a hell of a deal.

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